Family Bible Study Series – A Curriculum for Vacation Bible School

Family Bible Publications is proud to present the “Family Bible Study Series,” a new approach to Vacation Bible School Material.  This series is written and edited entirely by members of the church of Christ.  Specific series available:

Looking Back to the Bible Study Series – Material for Adult Bible Classes

Family Bible Publications has completed the first manual of a series being written for use in adult Bible classes.  The New Testament Church: Book One is available for purchase.

Upcoming Material

The editors and authors of Family Bible Publications have committed to continuing to produce the Family Bible Study Series each year for years to come.  This series is the first priority of Family Bible Publications, giving congregations which utilize the Family Bible Study Series reassurance that this material will continue to be an option.

In addition to the Family Bible Study Series, FBP editors and authors desire to produce Bible focused material for regular Bible classes and family Bible study.  Bible tracts focused on spiritual topics, the family, and evangelism are also under consideration for the future.

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