The Moses Family Bible Study Series is a 5 lesson Bible study series about Moses for use in Vacation Bible Schools or other similar settings.

Orders for Moses: A Lesson in Meekness – Family Bible Study Series can be made by calling 901-235-3327, or by e-mail.  Information about orders can be found on the Ordering page,

Evaluation Kit
Those who wish to evaluate the Moses: Family Bible Study Series material are encouraged to purchase an Evaluation Kit to receive a sampling of the actual material used in the Moses: Family Bible Study Series.  More info found here.

Lessons in the Series

Learning Meekness

lesson 1

This first lesson in the series examines the life of Moses beginning with his time in Egypt while he was being raised in Pharaoh’s house.  This lesson ends as he establishes a home in Midian. In this lesson, students will learn the importance of meekness throughout difficult times, changing environments, and in the midst of persecution.


Meekness in Submission


This second lesson, examines Moses at the burning bush, Moses dealing with doubts and fears, and God sending Aaron to help Moses.    Students will learn that true meekness requires submission regardless of one’s own doubts or fears.



Meekness in Meeting the Challenge


The third lesson considers the meekness of Moses as he confronts Pharaoh in Egypt with the ten plagues and then the song of redemption. Students will learn that Meekness demands courage and strength in meeting difficult challenges as well as the realization that God will provide help in meeting those challenges.


Meekness in Confronting Evil


In the fourth lesson, participants examine the meekness of Moses as the children of Israel build the golden calf at Sinai, complain about God’s food provisions, and find fault with Moses as God’s leader.  Students will learn that meekness means that one turns to God in the face of evil and that complaining and a lack of thankfulness is rebellion against God.

Meekness in Punishment


The final lesson in the series examines the life of Moses as he receives punishment from God for his disobedience of striking the rock.  The student will learn that meekness in punishment is the quality that leads one to repentance, growth, and the realization that complete punishment and reward are not fulfilled in this life.

Appropriate Age Ranges

The Moses Family Bible Study Series has been designed to be utilized with all ages.  Specifically, the material was written with separate material for the following age ranges:

  • Birth to 3 years
  • 4 years to Kindergarten
  • Grades 1 & 2
  • Grades 3 & 4
  • Grades 5 & 6
  • Teens
  • Adults

Material Contents

  • Each set of materials includes examples, application lessons, and illustrations written specifically for the particular age group.
  • Teacher manuals are available for children classes (up through the 6th grade).  These manuals include a complete guide for the entire class period with lesson text, application examples, review questions, activities, and answers for student worksheets.
  • Student packets are available for classes up through teen.  The student packets take the place of bound student manuals.  This means that there are no pages to tear out in the lesson preparation process.  The teacher will have a student packet for each student.  Each packet is shipped in a separate resealable bag.
  • Visual aids are available for all children and teen classes.  The visual aids include 29 color pictures depicting the story of Moses as well as other visual aids designed to harmonize with the material for the particular age group.
  • Supplemental materials including: Advertisement flyers to advertise the series, enrollment cards to document attendance of participants, and certificates to recognize participation of students in the series.
  • Memory work for each lesson is incorporated throughout the material.
  • Many New Testament applications are incorporated into each lesson

Orders for the Moses: A Lesson in Meekness – Family Bible Study Series can be made by calling 901-235-3327, or by e-mail.  Information about orders can be found on the Ordering page,